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USNO Flagstaff Station Contact Form

Contacting USNO Flagstaff Station:

The US Naval Observatory's Flagstaff Station does not have public outreach personnel on staff. There are neither regular visitors' programs, nor regularly scheduled tours. However, we make an effort to answer questions and accommodate visitors as staff members schedules' permit.  

This form is designed for two purposes.

  1. If you have a question related to the USNOFS, please check the QUESTION button, and enter your question in the Comment box.
  2. If you are interested in possibly visiting the USNOFS site, please check the VISIT button. Enter the range of possible dates in the calendar bars.  Enter the estimated number of people in the Number of People Box and add any information regarding the purpose of the visit in the Comment box.

Please remember to include a contact E-mail address, so that we can respond to your inquiry.  Due to the small size of the station staff, it may take a little while to get an answer to your inquiry.



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