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Terrestrial globe

A matched pair of celestial and terrestrial globes have long been a fixture in the Library. Both globes have these statements on the circular horizon band: "Manufactured by Gilman Joslin, Corrected to Date" and "Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1852 by Charles Copley, in the Clerks Office, of the District Court, of the Southern District of New York". In the 1860s, the plates engraved by Charles Copley and copyrighted by him in 1852 passed into the hands of Gilman Joslin (1804-ca.1886). Joslin, one of America's most prolific globe makers, updated the engraved plates and continued to produce globes. He was joined by his son William B. Joslin in 1874 and the firm continued in operation as Gilman Joslin & Son until 1907. This pair of globes was purchased by the Observatory on June 30, 1896 for $75.00.
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