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Tips for Searching for Historical Images

  • Boolean searching is allowed. Simply capitalize the AND, OR, or NOT.
  • The search term must be an exact match (except for case) for the term in the title or the description of the image.
  • Not enough search results? Try using * as a wildcard or to truncate.
  • Try using variant spellings (such as Vice-President, VP, V-P, etc.)
  • The titles of the images have a code which lets you know what collection it is from:

aas = Astronomers

onj = Miscellaneous

lib = Library

old = Old USNO

g = Glass Plates

bg1 = Buildings and Grounds 1

ref = 26" Refracting Telescope

bg2 = Buildings and Grounds 2

onj = Miscellaneous

oth = Other Observatories

sta = Other USNO Stations

sup = Superintendents

tci = Instruments - Transit Circles

clo = Clocks from Time Service 1

clk = Clocks from Time Service 2

ext = Exhibits and Tours

LanternSlide = Other Lantern Slides

QB and QC = either Cataloged Lantern Slide or Stereocard

     [So for example, an image with the title bg13f.jpg is from the Buildings and Grounds 1 collection, an image with the title
      QB82H245no1ST.jpg is either a stereocard or a cataloged lantern slide (in this case, a stereocard).]

  • Example search terms include: Venus, telescope, Galileo, Maury
  • Still cannot find what you are looking for? Try browsing the collection instead of searching.

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