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The USNO websites,,,,,, and are undergoing modernization efforts. The expected completion of the work and the estimated return of service is Fall 2020, subject to change due to potential impacts of COVID-19.

Earth Orientation Products


Due to potentially ongoing technical difficulties exacerbated by efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, there is a chance that we may be unable to maintain the usual level of manual oversight and validation normally given to our EOP products, especially to the “daily” EOP solution that occurs at about 17:30 UTC each day.

Until further notice, we will attempt to update the message below each day no later than 18:00 UTC to indicate whether the published EOP products have been reviewed by a data analyst.  


01-Aug-2020   EOP C/P  Solution status :    Acceptable


In the event that EOP products cannot be reviewed by a data analyst, the products will still be published to CDDIS and later to the IERS web site, but users may wish to exercise some discretion in relying upon them.  If the information (in bold above) is not updated, it could just mean that we were not able to access the site to update the information; in that case the EOP solutions may or may not be acceptable in that case and the analyst will try to send out an email to the EOP C/P critical users list.

We will continue making every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and timely publication of our EOP products throughout the current pandemic.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the EOP C/P Division at: (202 550 6407 or 202 876 6543) or contact the USNO Operations center at: 202 762 0001

******End of Notification:******

(Please note that several of the links below are broken.  As soon as personnel can remove the broken links, we will do so.)

USNO, as the IERS Rapid Service/Prediction Center, provides daily, weekly, and long-term data products.  Data files and plots are categorized into daily, weekly, and long-term products.  The Bulletin A, updated every Thursday, is available here.  An archive of past issues of Bulletin A is here.  If you would like to receive (or unsubscribe from) the Bulletin A electronically, use the document request form.

Daily Solutions

Daily data files available by anonymous ftp at cddis.  Updated daily

(normally around 17:05 UTC), for highest accuracy real-time applications.

Weekly Solutions

Standard data files available by anonymous ftp at cddis.  Updated weekly

on Thursdays.  Plots of Bulletin A combination and residuals.  Statistical report for contributed series.

Long-term Delta T

Monthly determination of Delta T (TT - UT1) since 1973 and long-term predictions.  Determinations of Delta T are updated approximately quarterly, and long-term predictions from are updated annually.  Data available at cddis.

USNO Master Clock Time
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