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Navigational Star Chart

Navigational Star Chart (thumb)

Get the Navigational Star Chart in PDF (1.3 MB).

This chart displays constellations and the 57 navigational stars used in the Air and Nautical Almanacs. The navigational stars are distinguished by their proper names. Those stars used in Pub. No. 249 Vol. 1 (Selected Stars) have their name and number underlined; other bright stars in the constellations are identified by their Greek letters. This chart also appears in the Air Almanac. The sidereal hour angle (SHA) and declination of stars can be seen on the chart. The SHA is measured westwards (0 to 360 degrees) from the Vernal Equinox (Aries) at 0 degrees. The rectangular shape of the chart distorts the relative positions of the stars in the polar regions.

The actual size of the chart is 8.9 x 12.2 inches. To print it on 8.5 x 11 inch paper, select "landscape" orientation at 86% scale, or select the "Fit to Page" or "Reduce to Printer Margins" option or similar if available.