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Image and Catalog Archive Photographic Colors

Approximate Colors of the Photographic Survey Plates

                                Photographic    Photoelectric
Survey  Emulsion        Filter  Passband        Passband
------  --------        ------  ------------    -------------
POSS-I  103aE           RP2444  E               R
        103aO           None    O               B

                        RP2444 = Red Plexiglass, similar to 
                                 a Wratten No. 29 Filter

POSS-II IIIaJ           GG385   BJ              B
        IIIaF           RG610   R               R
        IV-N            RG9     I               I

SRC-J   IIIaJ           GG395   BJ              B

SERC-EJ IIIaJ           GG395   BJ              B

ESO-R   IIIaF           RG630   R63F            R

SERC-ER IIIaF           OG590   R59F            R

AAO-R   IIIaF           OG590   R59F            R

AAO-N   IV-N            RG715   I*              I

AAO-sR  IIIaF           RG630   R63F            R
        098-0           RG630

PIMWA   IV-N                    I               I

LUYTEN  08101           red70

        103aD           none
        103aD           ***
        103aD           yel3
        103aD           yel8

        103aE           none
        103aE           #12
        103aE           66
        103aE           67
        103aE           68
        103aE           69
        103aE           70
        103aE           70r
        103aE           amb
        103aE           amb2
        103aE           amb3
        103aE           amb4
        103aE           amb5
        103aE           amb6
        103aE           amb7
        103aE           amb8
        103aE           red66
        103aE           red67
        103aE           red70
        103aE           red71

        103aO           none    O

Some Useful References

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