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Warning Graphic Legend

Click on the red text labels below for details about information contained on the warning graphic. Warning Graphic Legend

The Area of Potential Gale Force Winds

  • The Area of Potential Gale Force Winds is the 34 kt wind radii + the average forecast track error.
  • Since no wind radii are computed for the 96hr and 120hr forecasts, the Area of Potential for Gale Force Winds for these times is the 72 hour forecast wind radii + the average forecast track error.

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Forecast Track

The color tropical cyclone symbols represent current and forecast (usually the 12, 24, 36, 48 and 72 hr) positions. The line between these positions is the forecast track.



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Wind Radii

The outermost radii represents 34 knot winds The second wind radii represents 50 knot winds The next radii represents 64 knot winds.


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Time Labels

Labels indicate the time of the current and forecast positions.

Example: 1012Z
10 = day of month (10th)
12 = hour of day (noon)
Z = universal time/Zulu


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Current Postion

The current position is the black tropical cyclone symbol.

Current Position

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Past Positions

The black tropical cyclone symbols are the past positions.  The symbols represent 6-hourly positions.

Past positions

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